Ready to wear is one of the best innovations in Pakistani fashion. Gone are the days or looking for fabric for hours, choosing prints, and then worrying about the perfect lace and other accessories to go with it. Tailors and their stitching woes are also another story. All one needs to do now is give the cloth to the tailor and his job has been relegated to following the design on the pack. Here you have it, fashion made easy. However, with such a huge variety of collections to choose from, it’s always difficult to make a pick. This is especially tougher when you’re living abroad and are unsure about what to pick. offers you the solution. We bring the top picks from Pakistani and Asian fashion, right at your doorstep. An excellent choice we would recommend is Motifz, one of the most trusted fashion brands in Pakistan. Their philosophy states that depending on the ideals of immaculate inventiveness of the craftsmanship in its actual structure, our ability has advanced to encourage the most creative and tasteful plans in flawless amalgamation of hues, needle, and string that not just give us an atmosphere of high class fashion exemplified in the improvement of our design label image Motifz, but additionally has fortified our confidence as far as surpassing the tip top desires of our esteemed clients. Our image value dependably requests high profiling. In this way, the fashion outlets of the original brand Motifz sponsored by world class weavings other than taking into account all the broadened sections of society constituting different strata of classes has also made progress toward progressively the 10 years now to build up its own particular business sector specialty of customers. This corner of demographic is adjusted with items suitable to wear in various societal standards under the brand name Motifz. Be they formal, semi-formal, or even casuals and these can be specially crafted, and custom-made to suit the necessities of individual customers.

Motifz is not only a famous label in its own right, but also has sub categories to cater to the various needs of its valued clients. Motifz describes its philosophy as Motifz original weaved and printed fabrics present to you the most inventive and stunningly planned items. Having a background marked by more than 10 years of responsibility of giving most excellent quality items we take a huge pride for our client base expanding quickly. Our head organization offers outstanding fabrics and embroidery which is the spine of our image. Motifz have been the real player of the textile industry in Pakistan; first class weaving is carried out in a developed territory of more than two hundred thousand square feet, aesthetic geometry, dazzlingly composed couture pieces and amazing climate that are all helpful for imagination and advancement and it is matched by the excellent service and quality that they maintain. Motifz also offers a cell phone application available on the Play Store and App Store. All you need to do is download it and browse at your leisure.

If you’re looking for the best in digital printing, silk and embroidered kurti’s online; this is the place to go. Not only this, they also offer fabulous formals and unstitched fabric, for your convenience. Once this is done, simply browse through our various categories and choose what appeals to you most. We bring to you the best of the Indian and Pakistani fashion, on The process is simple and easy. Once you’ve logged onto our website, simply register our account. Once you’ve done this, we’ll auto save all your basic information. Next time you log in, you can just continue from where you left off.