Expedia for Android

Victor Stuber
Jan 27, 2019 · Unlisted


A complete redesign of Expedia for Android. Throughout the process, the designs were used as a system for both Android & iOS.


I was the design lead on Android. End-to-end design role. Research, user experience, interface design, motion design, testing & design handoff. I worked on multiple project teams throughout the redesign with PMs & engineers.

Home screen

As we added lines of business into our mobile product such as car rentals, bundle deals, transport & things to do, I redesigned the home screen to accommodate the new lines of business as well as new app navigation.

Expedia Homescreen


With hotels being Expedia’s main business, it was important to improve the existing hotels experience. One of the main accomplishments was to create a flexible search result framework that allowed for information like guest rating, urgency messaging, VIP status and more. A robust map feature was also built that allowed browsing by location and price. View the hotels case study.

Hotel search results & listing


With the flights redesign, The search screen was streamlined to allow quicker searching with more control. An extensive sort & filter screen was designed to allow both business and consumer customers high precision when browsing flights. Smart callouts were added to highlight best flights to help decision making easier.

Flight search screen & search results

Bundle Deals

This line of business was a new mobile feature designed & developed in tandem with iOS. I worked with one of our iOS designers on this experience as we were in the process of creating a platform-wide design language. We used the hotel and flight user experiences and designs to create a bundle experience where users could save money by purchase a flight & hotel together. This project also brought about a unified checkout experience used across the lines of business.

Bundle Deal room selection & Checkout

Car Rentals

Car rentals was a new line of business in the mobile app allowing users to reserve cars with no payment required in most cases. This project helped create a unified sort & filter framework used across all lines of business.

Car search results & filter


This top to bottom redesign took an enormous effort by our team. The design language was carried over into our iOS app and eventually mobile web to create a more unified mobile experience.

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