Holy Diver, Hyundai Driver

This should never have happened

1983 Philadelphia USA

Ronnie James Fucking Dio awakens in his hotel room in goddamn Philadelphia and lights a spliff, miraculously, off a hookers ass

Holy Diver is №1 and it’s his time 
Sabbath fades to black, this is Dio, not Ozzy

There’s a truth as hard as steel; this glory cannot die

Time at the top is time in the light

Takes a limo to the stadium and sways and wades out into the midnight fucking sea

Ride the tiger, you can see his face but you know he’s clean

2017 South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

Martin Jackson, having graduated from Melbourne Uni and securing an entry level role at a faceless corporation, is in the market for an SUV.

Alone he sits on his plush couch as he sucks down a micro-brewed pale ale on a Saturday night. 
How did it come to this?

How far to joy, what do I do

And out of the blue

Amidst footy and sex on the beach with grandpa

Foxtel thine ever heaving pile of shit

Holy diver Hyundai driver

This is the car for you

1992 — Anytown, USA

Dio lays tortured in the night wondering where it all went

The unknown girl on the bed, the high notes more elusive

A waking nightmare, his own rock and roll creation

In an iron maiden of time

What a bride!
No way inside her Holy Diver

Bottom of the cesspool, empty seats and sluts

But not the bottle or the needle
 You’ve been out too long in the midnight sea

O what’s becoming of me?

2019 — Somewhere on the East Coast of Australia

Martin motors at high speed up the Hume

Breathless manic frenetic

The story wasn’t true

Nothing out there for Marty

No after party

At best he drifts into a tree and ends it quick

At worst he makes it Dubbo and joins a cult

Changes his name

Star of the masquerade

Jump jump jump on the tiger

Take the wheel

Leave the wheel, was it worth it probably not but

Who’s to tell

2010 — Los Angeles, California

RDJ lays dying in an abandoned fluorescent nightmare

It all came true

Your world is clean

The cat in the blues coming after you

You can see his stripes

But as they fade, he knows

When we dive, it’s away below

Dive Dio dive

Holy Diver

Shiny Diamond

Someone will come for you.

2021 — Melbourne, USA

The ghost of Martin releases a solo album to critical acclaim

And the glorious cycle of fame, renewed
 Fade to blue

Ride the tiger

Gotta get away

Get away

Hyundai Driver