Productivity in Learning with fluany

I love flashcards, and I’m using to learn a second language, but what problems did I find using flashcards? Why should I use the fluany ?

What's flashcards ?

Flashcards are an incredibly powerful learning tool, because they promote active recall, which is the process of actively retrieving memories out of your brain. That’s why flashcards are one of the most efficient learning strategies that exist. Basically is a note card with a question on one side and the corresponding answer on the other side.

It's great for vocabulary terms, especially if you're learning a second language. Flashcards are not expensive, and you can take them anywhere. But there are some online flashcards programs you can use, and my favorite is the anki, he has versions for all operating systems, for mobile and even a web version, but there are many others software.

If you wanna know more about flashcards, there are many articles here in Medium and videos on YouTube teaching how to use and create your own flashcards.

Why should I use online flashcards ?

  1. You can easily change the cards without having to rewrite them.
  2. You can add easily different fonts or write in non-English fonts such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian etc.

3. They don’t tear or break.

4. You can easily add multimedia content such as images, sounds or even movies.

5. It is very easy duplicating the cards and change the copy.

6. The dog can’t eat them.

What problems did I find using online flashcards ?

1 . You need to stop what you're doing, in order to practice in your programs/websites.

2. I’m so easily distracted.

3. I forget to go back to the website to practice.

Most of the time I spend on my computer, and it’s so easy for me to distract myself surfing on the internet, and making the process of entering a website to be able to practice didn't help me, and So I thought:

I’m not going to him, why don't I bring him to me ?

I did a lot of research to help with this, but I couldn’t find it, and I didn't want to abandon this method, because as I said, it is an incredibly powerful learning tool, and then I’ve had the idea of fluany.

Did I stop using them ?

No, I'm using the Anki, and many others but I’m just using to get cards(terms and answers) and create packages to use in fluany.

What is fluany ?

Fluany is a chrome extension to use flashcards while you’re surfing on the internet.

You don't need stop what you doing to practice.

The idea is basically putting a package to practice, which is a study list, set time interval, and continue surfing on the internet, and if you configured for 15 minutes, a card will appear for you, on the page that you are, and you will have to say the answer.

Otimize your time

Your time is precious and with fluany, you can study while you work, talk with your friends or even watching videos.

How can I use ?

One feature is that you can select a phrase, put your translation and save in order to practice.

See a demonstration video:

Join the fluany community

The project is at the beginning, there are bugs and new features to be developed.

Thank you Douglas Soares for reviewing this post.

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