The OA for Lent — Episode 2: New Colossus
Martin Malzahn

Great podcast, thanks. This was a dark episode and one of the curiosities I had was the ‘leave your front door open because you need to invite me in’ comment. I probably misquoted Prairie here but when I heard what she said it immediately reminded me of ‘vampires’ — sorry, but this is not the first Netflix series I’ve bing-watched… Anyway, the idea that she needed to be invited into their homes struck me as ominous, although she seems to have the mission of saving her, as yet unknown, captive friends and helping the 5 discover who they really are. The term, ‘leave the door open’, is usually figurative not literal, a very odd request that may only be a ‘work’ that demonstrates their faith or trust in Prairie. Or sometimes a door is just a door.

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