How Growth Mindset Has Changed My Life — Victor Kariuki — Medium

As you’re reading this article, the question that you’re possibly asking yourself is, what is growth mindset? What is the opposite of growth mindset and how does this affect me?

From my point of view, I consider growth mindset as the ability to always learn and supersede over your barriers even if it involves unlearning old norms to create room for new ideas and perspective of a given situation or task while mastering its craft by adding more value with the limited resources you have.

From my experience, I grew up knowing certain things can only be done in a certain way. Up until high school, is where I changed my perspective on what I would later learn to call, growth mindset. I learned that what I had experienced from when I was a kid until high school was a FIXED MINDSET.

I understood that a fixed mindset, was when I had a problem in memorizing the years of certain events in my History class. I was not able to get when a certain treaty was written, or where did the First World War, second, third…., oh wait! There’s no third world war, took place. This made me furious and frustrated for not getting them at first when I tried reciting them.

From this experience, I learnt that if I continue with this mentality, I would fail in History class and in turn would affect my grades at the end of term, so I started talking to my key holder, which was a miniature Batman, and start telling him stories of how history took turns in all the years as per the history books. What I did not know was that I would come to learn that this technique is called rubber duck debugging from a home study curriculum I was sent for by Andela, after applying to join the Andela fellowship and not “You’re going nuts!”, as my desk-mate stated.

At that moment, everything I approached was like dismantling your laptop and not worrying how the parts would fit, for you know at the end of it, the laptop will be like brand new by seeking help from a professional if you’re stuck or researching on the internet to know what goes where.

Even the people we call pros in their fields, one day were in your position. A challenge should not frustrate you like my History class. You should push on, on learning on how to deal with the challenge or situation you’re in and not limit yourself to the knowledge or technical know-how of dealing with it. You can even ask Batman, he also knows a little bit of history.

So keep on growing, not only physically but mentally, and everything will work in your favor. That I promise.