Maintain Your Fields Neatly With Modern Flail Mowers

Mower is used to cut grass, bushes, weeds or plants in a very neat and clean manner. Based on the types of plant or foliage to be cut, they come in different types. This tool is ancient and used from generations to generations to harvest or separate variety of grains from their husks. Moreover, they can also be used to thrash the materials completely off. It consists of wooden handle with a chain attached to the end. A wooden rod is there on the opposite end of the chain. User can shorten or lengthen the chain as per the usage.

These possess the ability of cutting, mulching and shredding. They are attached to tractors and cover a larger area being bigger in size. It is important to know that they are not meant to cut large objects besides using in heavily wooded areas. However, some of these are capable of cutting tress up to 4 inches.

Advantages of flail mowers

Due to the mulching feature, flail mower is used to mulch and cut the leftover after harvesting. Moreover, the leftovers are dropped back down on the land and tilted & disked into the soil. They them act as fertilizer and compost. These mower don’t pick up and scatter things on other sides while cutting. This is because of the vertical spinning of the blades. This is a very good feature when used in small space or used near buildings or objects or where there is damage.

Talking about the disadvantages, this equipment is quite expensive and so are the flail mower parts. Moreover, the total cost of the attachment itself combining the variety of blades needed increases the cost further. Other not so good factor is the need of maintenance. You just can’t leave them after using, as it is important to be attentive towards its care.

There are many other farming tools available nowadays. It’s not that they were not there in old times but the variety and the advancement has just doubled up. A lot many agricultural tools and farm equipment parts are available in today’s modern world. This has made agriculture much easier and faster. Without involving huge efforts and many workers, it is possible to complete heavy tasks in few hours. Moreover, the productivity rate has also grown. Crops produce bow are better quality and seed quality has also improved.

There’s a clear difference between earlier farming and modern farming. The extensive hours and workload of previous time has eliminated in the modern time.

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.