Boot Camp Day 1

30 minutes past 5 I was wide awake; didn’t even require the alarm to wake me up. I said my prayer to Him in heaven above begging for a good first day.

I boarded a matatu from Uthiru at 6:30 and shortly after other passengers;heading for work I guess; boarded and we were ready to hit the road few minutes later. In my mind I pictured the traffic jam along Ngong road and the thought of being late crept in. Quickly I dismissed it: after all 08:45 is hours away.

I arrived at the popularly named Dago corner at 7 am; Too early I thought, traffic wont even be a problem. However getting a matatu to Prestige was not so easy; 30 minutes later and still no hopes. And suddenly a matatu with no passengers, not one. I literally jumped in and sighed with relief. To cut story short, I arrived at Andela with 45minutes to spare and was ready to get working.

Session began, and we dived straight into TTD; my first time learning bout it. I got quite confused in the beginning I must say, later was on top of things. Very exciting session. Then came the git session; ve always heard about it but had never engaged and today was my stepping stone. Now git is officially my best tool. Day one and have already learnt like a lot, I wonder what awaits the next few days?? #TIA

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