Great Read 📖 “YES! YOU Should SHOW OFF!

It’s Always so FUNNY!!😹😹 the look on people’s faces when they ask me “ who makes you happy?” And my answer is “My Self”. Hahahahaa 🤣🤣.

I have even gotten the weirdest look with this accommodating come back “how about your children? Isn’t it a little Show Off to say you are your own happiness?”. My Respond “NOPE” Hahaha😂😂.

I Am My Own Happiness and I’m Confident and Proud of that.

I think One of the Biggest Misconception of our society is that “Showing Off” is a BAD Thing. When in fact, Showing Off is a Very Good Thing. The PROBLEM is, people have Confused Showing Off with IGNORANCE.

When You Work Hard and Make the Sacrifices it Takes to be SUCCESSFUL at whatever you choose, You should SHOWOFF Your Success.

1 — Example — — When you do all those crazy 😜 sit-ups and eat leafs instead of potato chips, You should ShowOff your flat belly with confidence in that tiny two piece bathing suit 👙.

2 — Example — — - When you work hard, Save up your money, Build or Buy your Dream Home, You Should Put a Gold toilet 🚽 in it if that’s what you want. 😜

The IGNORANCE COMES When You hurt others by making HURTFUL Remarks, being Judgmental Or Comparing Others to you. This behavior Has Nothing to do with Showing Off, it’s. just an Ignorant person being an ignorant person.

I Do Believe that you Shouldn’t Be ASHAMED Of Your ACCOMPLISHMENTS, instead; You Should Show Off. If someone asked what my favorite things are, I show do tell them that my Absolute Favorite thing is my Escalade Truck😜. Sometimes, I want to scream it out loud. “I LOVE MY ESCALADE TRUCK!!!”. 😂😂 I have put in 12years of Hard Work to Own that car, so It’s perfectly, beautiful for me to Show it Off as my favorite thing💕. (In my secret voice, #iloveyouescalade)

LESSON: Be Confident and Proud in What You Have Worked Hard For and Yes!!! Do Show Off Your Good Work Without Comparing Others to You.

I Love you BEAUTIFULS!!!😘. Thanks 🙏 for reading 📖, You are my Inspiration 🌸💕.

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