Have We Become Too Cheap for Our Own Good?
Mike Sturm

Is it really free?

Often “free” content comes with either ads attached that pay for it or you giving away your email address and being later inundated with solicitations for the next piece of content (or other) product that you need to pay for. It’s come to a point where I sometimes feel more comfortable shelling a few bucks for an app or a book and being left in peace going forward.

In this new world where enormous amounts of people are leaving companies that they can’t trust any longer or that don’t satisfy them, we are all forced to become marketers, selling ourselves night and day, using all the tricks in the book, including free content bait. Its exhausting, but also inevitable if you are to survive.

I’m still debating if that supposed freelance freedom, that entails becoming a sellable product, is really so freeing. The key is to stay honest and truly helpful to your audience but the need to pay the bills has a way to make you act from a knot of desperation. Never a good thing.

When you are so preoccupied with self-marketing the quality of your content may suffer. You risk spending more time into your newsletters and social media promotions than in the actual content you want to write.

A writer may be better served by having a salaried job and being truly focused on creative writing during his time off. Of course, having that content read also would entail self-marketing. There is no easy fix.

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