Organizing My Thoughts
Sand Farnia

Have you read “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller? I just finished it and it has helped me a lot to rethink my business. He talks about getting rid of to-do lists and keep instead a “success list” that has only one thing in it, that you block 4 hours a day to accomplish until it’s done. Looking at your overwhelming to-do list made me think this type of discipline would be very helpful for you right now.

For example, what’s the ONE thing you absolutely need to do to open the store? It seems you have a lot of tasks that are important but not absolutely crucial in order to simply open like changing the ceiling tiles and printing posters. Scratch those off the list until you tackle the main one.

Taking a step back, is opening the store the ONE crucial thing right now? Or would it be better to prioritize hiring an employee who can knock off a lot of the other tasks for you?

Sometimes going small is the solution to chaos. Good luck!