Hi Isidra,
Dakota Shane

Hi Dakota,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a detailed response, chock full of useful advice! You gave me a priceless sentence to make my case with publishers: “I bring engagement, you bring scale.” Love it. It’s also true.

My goal is to write well crafted posts with good ideas to engage with thoughtful readers, not just publish clickbait headlines with thin or stereotypical content. As for the impressive engagement you mention with the few posts I’ve published, I have my saintly Facebook friends to thank for most of it. I seem to have amassed some good will in the past few years. But I’m hoping to widen the net to a wider audience in Medium that doesn’t know me yet.

I think I will give the LinkedIn outlet a swirl. After all, I may be able to import the post into Medium as well (note to self: check if imports work for LinkedIn.) I’m about to launch my own website as well, so I will have another outlet.

Re: smaller pubs. Yes! I’m now in touch with the publisher of one such pub, who is considering a piece in draft, precisely about the topic of niche writing. Hoping it will get published next week, or otherwise I will publish individually.

Thanks again for your tips! Very helpful.