Only The Rich Are Poisoned: The Preference of Others
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I loved the frankness, the emotion, and the concept. And I'm with you. Give me a simple, tasty meal and a vibrant neighborhood any day. A point of disagreement though. I don’t think it’s just rich people who are owned by salespeople. Yes, they have more money, so they spend more in too complicated and/or too large items, but people without means are often equally owned by salespeople, advertisements and a culture of excess. Just see the incredible amount of time teens spend in malls or the craziness of Black Friday. They may buy at Payless instead of Bloomingdales but it’s the same impulse of buying more than you need and basing (an insatiable) «happiness» in the latest gadget. I just saw Noam Chomsky’s documentary, The End of the American Dream, where he makes the point that creating a society based on consumerism was a political move by the wealthy elite. People obsessed with gold chains, large TVs and shoes are too busy trying to acquire them to become activists. I couldn’t agree more. The tide seems to be turning in terms of activism now. Let’s see how deep and how long it goes.

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