I wonder this myself!
Melissa Grove

Melissa, Medium is a bit of a vicious circle. Unless you get some engagement, nobody sees the pieces, but somebody needs to see them in order to engage with them. I’ve started publishing in 100 Naked Words, and that has helped me get more eyeballs, although I still have a small reach. I encourage you to submit to Medium publications, if you don’t do it yet.

However, even my pieces that have gotten significant engagement have not been an Editor’s choice, etc. I have no idea how the Medium editors find the material. I often see in the home page pieces they have chosen that have just one or two recommendations.

The other thing is that you write literary pieces. I’ve noticed that my “how-to” pieces get a lot more traction than the short personal essays. But I think you need to write what comes from your gut, no matter the readership. I write “how-to” when I have something to say, not just to get views.

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