This was largely true for me too, for the first half-year or so — maybe 90% was readership I…
Allison Washington

Thanks so much Allison, for answering in such detail. It’s very helpful. I use mostly Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I tried Reddit for 1 post, but I noticed the readership that came from there didn’t seem as engaged (more views, less reads). Also, I simply don’t have time to engage properly in every platform. Instagram hasn’t brought any traffic yet for me. Facebook is definitely number 1. I need to research Quora, I don’t use that platform.

However, I’ve been publishing daily for the last week and I noticed that 1) it’s exhausting (my posts tend to be much longer than the one you just read and quite elaborate, so they take hours to write) and 2) there’s fatigue in my FB friends when I share so daily promotions, very reduced engagement (plus FB doesn’t show links as much.)

I’m reconsidering my posting frequency as well as my topics. I write about many different topics, so I got into the Top writer in 2 topics, but since I didn’t follow up with posts on that same topic, it didn’t last much. Even though I resist a niche (my interests are wide), I may have to rethink my position on this as well.

I’m smack in the learning curve, for sure, with just 5 weeks under my belt.

Thanks again for your helpful response.


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