You are correct that “redistribution” is the wrong word to use for the system you describe, but not…
Fred McTaker

Tax breaks are not subsidies, they make the market uneven, but they are NOT subsidies. You are using that word incorrectly, I suggest you look up the definition. I think you may have confused the rhetorical point about their similarities between these two government means to be literally synonymous, they are not and one doesn’t operate in the manner in which the word “Subsidy” is defined as. Period. Nothing to argue here.

It’s true that it can have similar effects to redistribution, but the mechanisms by which it operates are fundamentally different (one builds on letting companies keep what they earn, the other builds on government actually performing the redistribution, these two ways of doing it make these actions very different in terms of costs, waste etc.)

I agree that the Fed is a problem. I think the correct word is corruption, cronyism and fraud ;)

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