I found time to blog today

By Vidas Pinkevicius (get free updates of new posts here)

I’m typing this while waiting for my wife in the car.

Today is a hectic day for me.I ran a lot of errands, met with some people but in the back of my mind I know I will still have to write a blog post some time today.

So why not right now?

Yes, it’s not an ideal environment, I don’t know exactly how much time I will have to wait in this car. I don’t know, if inspiration and beautiful ideas will come to me.

But guess what, I don’t know if today I’ll find a better chance to write.So if you’re struggling with finding time to blog during your busy day, check small pockets of time, when you’re waiting for somebody.Don’t surf the internet, don’t check your phone.

Use this time you’ve got to write.

If you’re carrying an idea book with you, sometimes all it takes to type fast is a few minutes.

And by the way, it even feels really good to type in this rainy environment. The noises from outside are blocked by the drops of rain and I’m cloaked from the eyes of others by my own breath, humidity and a dense fog inside the car.

​Carpe diem.

Originally published at www.vidaspinkevicius.com.