Quite quick

Today my blog writing wasn’t easy to create.

I struggled to find time. I usually do this early in the morning, but today things got in a way and I got sidetracked.

But in the back of my mind I had this thought I had to write a post today no matter what. My subscribers were waiting.

So instead of writing in the morning, I first went to work out to the gym.

But just before I left home, I had a few minutes left.

That’s when I decided to jump in and write a post.

It worked.

Sometimes it doesn’t take hours to write an inspiring post.

Yes, often you may walk around with your blog idea during entire day but the writing process itself might be quite quick.Have you written your post today yet?

I hope you will.

By Vidas Pinkevicius (get free updates of new posts here)​​​​​​​

Originally published at www.vidaspinkevicius.com.