What Kind of Pages Should a New Blog Have?

When I first started my blog about organ playing, I looked at the examples other people had. Here’s an absolute minimum:

Of course you should have an About page where you would write about what you can do for your readers. What’s your mission. How you can help them.

Then you need a contact page. Don’t add your email there. Spammers will pick up your email and you will start receiving messages about enlarging your private body parts.

Instead use a picture with your email in it. Somebody who wants to write to you, can type your email manually.

And a blog itself where you would write regularly, add value and help people.

Don’t forget the value of pictures. Add them everywhere. Your own picture too.

In each page, on the sidebar and in the header insert the newsletter subscription form so that people who visit your blog could sign up to receive updates from you. Pop-up window works too. Especially on exit.

Have a Start Here page where you would offer some email course in exchange for people’s email addresses. This is a fantastic tool for trust-building and preparation for a situation when you will be ready to ask for a sale to monetize your blog.

And remember…

Blogging empowers you one post at a time.