Employee engagement isn’t something you can buy. It isn’t something you implement with shiny new software or bribe into existence with discounted concert tickets.

If you want real engagement, you need to build a culture that can sustain it. What does an “engagement-sustaining” culture look like? Here are two key elements: 1. Working conditions that make it easy for employees to do their jobs. 2. Employees who have what engagement expert Vicki Hess calls positive “internal beliefs” about their work.

It may not be easy to create engagement-sustaining working conditions, but it is at least straightforward. Streamline clinical workflows. Reduce overtime and increase compensation. Help your employees focus on the work they want to do- patient care.

But what happens when engagement-sustaining working conditions aren’t enough?

Healthcare is tough. Your employees can witness…

Want to hear a story?

Ben is two years old. He has gray eyes, an infectious smile, and an s-shaped scar that cuts across his bald head. The scar is a war-wound from one of his three brain surgeries. Ben has Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor, a rare cancer of the brain and spinal cord.

Today, Ben is happy. His favorite nurse has brought him two shining Mylar balloons. Ben clutches the balloons’ silver ribbons and the entire infusion room breaks into song. As his mom bounces him on her lap, Ben gazes at his hospital friends in absolute wonder. …


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