Ending [4] Twenty: The Characters of Nier: Automata and How They Prefer To Smoke Weed

Dante Douglas

These predictions are to be understood as only one man’s opinion. I claim no knowledge of the psychological roots of Nier: Automata and its characters.


A2 smokes spliffs with about a 30% tobacco content. Hand rolled only. She will tell you this is the correct way that you should smoke, since it helps synthesize the smoke, and she owns multiple holographic posters of Yoda sitting in a bog surrounded by translucent weed leaves. She will tell you where she got them before you even ask.


2B is strictly about bongs. She’s all about ripping fat clouds and she will laugh at you if you cough the first time, but she also will not be weird about you not cornering correctly because she’s mostly into torching the entire bowl. She also has a sick hookup though and never fails to bring some extremely loud kush.


9S has one of those little pipes that you’d find at a farmer’s market next to a guy who is either selling handmade drums or he’s just hanging out. He isn’t very experienced and he doesn’t smoke often so when he does he has like, one hit and then he won’t shut up about how high he is. He named his pipe “earthcaller” or “sunsinger” or something like that and insists that it “gets you higher than any other pipe” but in actuality he just has a very low tolerance and generally smokes really crappy mary jane.


Pascal is the person who sold A2 the posters of Yoda smoking weed in a bog. They’re more into the weed vape scene and have one of those rigs that looks like a pipe, but it’s for weed. They tell you it’s custom but you’re pretty sure it’s not. It’s fine though because smoking around them means that everything ends up vaguely strawberry scented. They’re more into indica than sativa.

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Dante Douglas

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