Watching the Games Live on Facebook

One of the most interesting competitions at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, at least for those working in the digital live stream space, will be the performance of Facebook Live compared to traditional broadcast channels.

In Canada, the Canadian Paralympic Committee has organized a Consortium that brings together broadcasters such as CBC/Radio-Canada, digital media companies such as Videogami and SendToNews, along with social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter, to make sure the top moments from the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games are available to interested viewers live on their mobiles devices, social streams or TV screens.

In addition to select daily coverage on CBC-TV and ongoing live streaming coverage, the latest innovation of the Consortium is to stream the most promising performances by Canadian athletes as individual Facebook Live posts via the Canadian Paralympic Team Facebook page.

Canadian Paralympic Team Facebook Page @CDNParalympics

Taking advantage of the recently launched Publishing Tools for Live Video from Facebook, the team at Videogami was able to create a workflow that allows the Consortium to route a livestream to a Facebook Post in real-time, such as this one from Canadian swimmer @AurelieRivard as she competed in the 200m Individual Medley.

Having the opportunity to curate from hundreds of live hours to find the top moments that will become memorable and convert them into compact, live social media clips that engage with athletes, organizations and fans is invaluable. Doing so while at the same time providing the tools to honour sponsors and react to the unforeseen circumstances common during live events takes a new generation of live video tools such as the platform offered by Videogami.

While Twitter has consistently pushed the innovation around live moments, the fact remains that for a short clip to be published through their usual workflow the content may appear a few minutes late.

On the other hand Facebook, with the release of its Live platform is going after the whole ecosystem of live streamers, attracting consumers, publishers and developers through an integrated set of tools that make it possible for a growing volume of live content originating via smartphones, semi-professional gaming streaming rigs or professional broadcasting tools to reach the largest audience in the world.

At Videogami we have helped producers of live content, big and small, reach larger audiences through the use of automated tools to curate and distribute the best moments from live streams via the most popular social media channels. We love to watch gamers and streamers as they are at the forefront of reinventing LIVE, but believe every single producer of live content will follow in the near future.