How To Become Life Coach Certified Life Coaching Certification

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From Real Estate Agent and Yoga Instructor To 7-Figure Life Coach
Ashely’s Story

Find your true calling


I’m Ashley, and in just a few short years, I switched careers from real estate and yoga instructor to life coaching and built a seven-figure empire that changes lives.

Pretty amazing, right??

You may be wondering just how the heck I did that.

Well, it all started with getting REAL. I had to ask myself, ‘How am I staying small, comfortable, and complacent?’

When I quit my job in real estate, I was uncertain, scared, and lost. I was good at real estate, yet I knew it wasn’t my true calling. I sensed there was more but had no idea what ‘more’ could possibly be.

Even in that uncertainty, I knew that letting go of a soul-crushing job would be so much better than feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Every. Single. Day.

I prayed for the answer to my next move.

How To Become Life Coach Certified Life Coaching Certification
Virtual ICF Accredited Life Coaching Programs Quantum Coaching Academy Life Coaching Certification

While waiting, I found myself at a wedding. Across the dance floor, I spotted a girl I knew, and she was absolutely beaming.

I ran over to tell her how freaking lit up she looked, and I was shocked when she responded…

“You changed my life, Ashley!”

At the bachelorette party a month prior, I’d had an amazing conversation with this girl about manifestation and personal development.

Just a conversation

One conversation

It was at that moment, shaking my groove thang in the middle of the dance floor, that I figured out the ‘more’ I always knew I was meant for.

Is It Worth Getting Life Coach Certification Quantum Coaching Academy

I connected to a part of my calling that had been hidden deep within my soul just waiting to emerge.

I realized that I’m here to help people wake up to their potential.

At that moment, I turned to my husband and said, “I think I’m meant to be a life coach!”

It felt like my heart cracked open, and I knew I was ready to completely change my life and align with my truth.

My authentic truth

So, I took the leap to become a life coach.

Was it easy?


But it was far easier than keeping myself small.

The impact, income, and difference I’m making now are so much bigger than I ever could have imagined.

It’s time to go big, isn’t it?

I know this message may seem like it dropped out of the sky into your inbox at the most aligned time. Because it did.

It’s not too late to change your life.

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a life coach, or maybe this is a brand new realization like it was for me on the dance floor at that wedding.

Since that night, I’ve helped hundreds of people step into their calling of becoming a coach through the internationally-accredited 6-month certification program I created, the Quantum Coaching Academy

Will you be the next Quantum Coach to join our certification program and completely change your life like all of these incredible souls?

We start soon and there’s still time, so apply and book your call NOW!

To your quantum transformation,

Ashley Gordon
Founder of the Quantum Coaching Academy

How To Become Life Coach Certified Quantum Coaching Academy Life Coaching Certification
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