In every business, there is usually a certain amount of budget reserved for the marketing and promotion of the business and traditional prints and brochure take up as much as 45% of the total budget.

Now the big question is — Does brochure still work for your business in 2018?

Without knowing your business and the exact goals you might want to achieve, it might be hard for us to say if they still do or not

With the rise of various online marketing and advertising channels, the thought of using merely traditional brochures to market your business might seem…

“We have exceeded our Sales limit and as such have no need for more clients,” says no organisation in Nigeria. On the other hand, having amazing products at best price ever does not guarantee sales.

A clear-cut strategy to improve sales is closer than you have ever imagined. Read on to see reasons for video brochures: Why Nigerian businesses need them.

Sales pitches usually end with an exchange of corporate materials like business cards or brochures and online links. Ensuring the materials are read and online links are visited are not within control.

Hence, most businesses have since thought of…

Any organisation, whether new or long established, can be relegated to the background regardless of previous success stories.

Reason? Marketing trends evolve.

Realities of 2018 have shown a paradigm shift from what company wants to what the consumer wants. Sales have become so dynamic that being a Product Manager, CEO or Business stakeholder without updated knowledge of marketing trends might spell doom.

For online marketing, consumers have shown a preference for videos as what they want to see from their brands, according to Hubspot research. This presents a need for some kind of realignment of organisational strategies.

Have you once…

Do you know what happens when you combine the power of video with the traditional prints?

You get a Video Brochure!

Statistics have shown that people relate and engage more with a video than just images or texts, making it a more authentic marketing medium as 60% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Nowadays, It’s either you are winning in your marketing or you are missing out on a lot of good market opportunities.

A sure way to win with marketing in 2019 is utilizing the trendiest marketing tool —

Video On Paper

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