LightRope Ep:1 — You Have the Power To Change Your Life By Kellan Fluckiger

The LightRope — daily transformation for the bold, Kellan Fluckiger talk’s about that you have the power to deal with depression and darkness.

My main mission is to share my lengthy struggle of depression, darkness and want to educate, advocate and empower individual and communities who have impacted with depression, darkness, anxiety, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, clinical depression, panic attack and much more.
You also have the power to fight any type of darkness that impact your whole life. Now time to deal with depression, darkness, and fear that really need to overcome all difficulties. There are great opportunities for personal achievement and improvement.

Summary of this video:
The TightRope of depression, of course, is the book that I wrote recently and launched in November 2016. It talks about my own. You know lengthy battle with depression but it’s not really this. This YouTube channel is not really about that, it’s getting a little used to this thing you’re. It’s really more about what to do about it.
You have the power but you don’t know how to use ti? 
You know what good is a broken leg if you don’t fix it right. A broken leg prevents you from doing things and to talk about the broken leg.
I’ve spoken broken leg, it’s just such a terrible things and I can’t do things because of it and oh, what an awful thing wouldn’t it be nice, if my legs were fixed and all you know I wonder what hurts so bad and we just talked about the broken leg and how bad it hurts? How much is preventing me from doing the things? So let’s talk about the purpose of this channel is to provide you that subscribers and listeners with daily inspiration and opportunity. Somewhere to get the kind of encouragement you need.

So I called it the LightRope daily transformation for the bold and it’s for the bowl because it takes both people to make changes. 
It makes people that are bold and willing to take action right that’s what transformation is taking something from its state today and originated in its original state and making it something different now.

Every single person has challenges overwhelmed discouragement and perhaps even depression.

OK, so that isn’t the question you have those. So we all but are we going to take the choice to sit around and observe how difficult those challenges make a life which is like talking about the broken leg and how bad it hurts and how much it prevents you from skiing or walking or visiting?

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