Hasan Minhaj and the elephant in the room

I hope you enjoy this videopin from videopin.me. It is break down of all the fun from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Here videopin.me has been used to segment each section of the video so that you can play parts over and over and over again, so you can keep laughing.

Videopin.me is a way to enhance YouTube videos. Not only do you add more meaning to your videos but you are also consolidating your video library in once place, easily searching through your notes. This creates important links between videos reinforcing those neural connections as you increase your understanding on whatever your are learning.

This would help with recall and retention of information via micro-learning whether I am at my pc or on my mobile device. All this information is searchable and available when and where I want. The more you recap nuggets of information, the more the information will become a part of your long term memory.

Enjoy this videoPin: