Dear Late Night Hosts… help!

Dear Steven, Jimmy, Seth, James, Conan, Noah, and Jimmy:

The people of the United States need your help. Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed a very important, very awful piece of legislation. Legislation that hasn’t been properly vetted and legislation which puts real human lives in danger, as each of you well knows. (Hat tip Jimmy Kimmel.)

We the people don’t normally ask much of you but to be funny. Tonight, we’re asking more because there is simply too much at stake. Please cancel all of your booked guests next week and replace them with people who would be dead or incapacitated without insurance, medical experts who understand the need for quality health care, and facts and figures. Please show us, the human beings. (I personally am an asthmatic with an anxiety and panic disorder and heart condition. I could not survive on the House health plan, and I’m not alone.)

Quality, affordable health care is not an R issue or a D issue — it is a HUMAN issue. No person deserves to die because they can’t afford to live.

I ask a serious question — with the GOP majority, how long until an expectant mother is put in prison or executed because she miscarried because she couldn’t afford prenatal care? It sounds crazy but look at the history of the GOP lawmakers who voted for this bill on women’s issues.

For a group that is “pro-life,” these legislators are ONLY “pro-life” until that baby is born — after that the baby is on its own.

In at least one draft, did you also notice how lawmakers excluded themselves from the pre-existing condition rule?

We need a serious discussion. We’re not going to get it out of Washington and Washington no longer cares to hear the people. At all. We’ve been marching; we’ve been protesting and it’s doing nothing. We need your help. We need you to stand with us to send a message that PEOPLE MATTER.


The American People (and E. M.)

ps — At this point in history, we need to be pushing a single payer system. This issue is going to keep coming up and the people are going to continue to be caught in a tug of war until we go single payer. Lives are not pawns.