There’s plenty of evidence for fraud during the Democratic primary.
Brendon Carpenter

It doesn’t really matter if the DNC has the voter database (I debate your use of the word “control,” which seems to assume malfeasance), if the DNC doesn’t know who’s going to vote and who they’re voting for. The story says a lot of Sanders supporters had their registration changed, but how would the DNC know whose registrations to change to nullify their potential Sanders vote if they haven’t voted yet? In one example, the lady was told her registration was changed in 2012, which was a bit before Sanders even declared he was going to run. There’s strange stuff going on it seems, but it doesn’t definitively indicate it’s intended to hinder Sanders’s campaign. As I said before, three million votes is a large number of votes to influence from one candidate to another.

The last link is a 25-minute read, and I wavered when she called the “Clinton Body Count” a “genuine conspiracy theory.” I stopped reading when she talked about money being given to the Clinton Foundation with a headline “Clinton accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments.” The Clintons don’t get money from the Clinton Foundation, and the foundation is a highly rated charity. I’m not interested in reading an article that misrepresents truth.

I think we should agree to disagree. You seem convinced that the process is tainted, and I don’t feel that way.

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