A few honest doubts

Jeena Yahan, Marna Yahan

Iske Siva Jaana Kaha,

Ji Chahe Jab Humko Awaaz Do

Hum Hai Wahin…

Me : Hey Efil, been a long time. Where were you ?

Efil : Just loafing around. Pretty bored actually.

Me : Well that’s a bit odd. What is that piece of paper you are carrying.

Efil : Some games for my friend.

Me: Games ?

Efil : Some puzzles

Me : Let me have a look at them

Efil : Not for you :)

Me : It’s ok. I think I should be able to handle a few puzzles

Efil : As you wish

Me : This seems to be some list of questions. Do I have to answer these now.

Efil : Not you, Gustav.

Me : Gustav, who ?

Efil : You can be, if you want to :)

</start : Games for Gustav>

1. You are just learning to drive a car. You take your dad’s car for a ride without him knowing. You accidentally hit a parked car on the road. There are no witnesses. What would be your first reaction ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

2. You have got a new job with a great salary. But you are tired of the traffic jams and waiting in the bus through the traffic. Will you get your own vehicle, fully knowing that it would further worsen the traffic scenario ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

3. You are a manger in a big MNC. You have to decide the bonus amongst your employees for their performance of the past year. The best employee gets a special bonus. You have two worth candidates. One of them may leave the organization in another six months. Would this be a factor in deciding the bonus ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

4. Your company has a poor sex ratio. You conduct an interview to hire new recruits. Two candidates have been shortlisted and one has to be selected. One is male another is female. Whom do you select ? Why ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

5. You are a male, happily married for 5 years with a kid. Your wife plans to do a full time MBA course in a foreign location. What would be your reaction ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

6. There has been a strike of municipality officers. The garbage collecting trucks have stopped coming. There is no garbage bin close-by. How long will you wait, before you throw the garbage on the road ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

7.You have got a great opportunity to travel outside to your dream destination. However, you do not have a passport. You have one month to make your passport or you would lose the opportunity . Midway through your application, you realize one of the documents is missing. The inspecting officer is willing to ignore the mistake if you pay him. You have two options, resubmit the application and take another month to get the passport or take the shortcut. Which one do you choose ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

8. You are stuck in a traffic jam, late for an interview. The signal turns green. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a man bashing his wife. Will you go back and try to stop him ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

9. You are in a mall with your sister. You see a bunch of guys harassing a girl. What would you do ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

10. Your best friend is getting married. You come to know he is getting a huge sum of money as dowry. Will you report it to the police ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

11. You are outside a pub on New year’s eve. You try to flirt with a hot looking girl, who slaps you in front of the whole crowd. You walk away in anger. A few minutes later, some men try to molest her. Will you try to stop them or enjoy the madness ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

12. You are on a boat with your wife and a few others, when the boat capsizes. Even though you can swim your wife can’t. There are three young girls also drowning and there is no one to take care of them. If you don’t save the girls immediately, they will drown. Your wife can manage another few minutes and would be saved if someone comes by. Would you be willing to risk her life for three unknown lives ? Would the answer change if it was your mother ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

13. You are travelling with your 3 year old son through a desert when you are lost. For three days you have no food or water and your child dies. Another three days pass and you know, you cannot survive a single day without food. Would you be able to consider your dead child as your meal ?

A : ___________________________________________________________________

</end : Game>

- Post inspired by Yann Martel’s “Beatrice and Virgil : Section : Games for Gustav ”