About a reality show that uses live voting.

A year ago me and my brother were watching a desi soap opera and trying to figure out where this story was headed. In the middle of all this my brother pointed at the screen and pretended to shoot the protagonist and said it would be so cool if we could simply snipe people off shows. It would be like show snipping and you could kill off who ever you like. He laughed it off and I laughed it off.

And then a few weeks ago we saw this ad on TV for a colors singing reality show called rising star. You would have to download an app and simply vote yes or no to decide whether you would like a singer to stay or leave. My instant reaction was ‘I’ll be damned!’.

I work at an IT startup and I am a product manager why the f**k had I not thought of this. I was bloody brilliant. This is what people live for — judging people. And it was not like I had to SMS crap to vote for someone . It was instant gratification of judging (read sniping) someone. I voted, and u hate to admit it felt like I had the power to decide this person’s fate.

Because I can’t help myself , I will do a tear down of the app and the UX.

It is called the colors TV app and you can find it on the play store.

  1. Again the concept is solid but the app is adequate at best and shaky at worst. The show has singers coming in stage with a wall in front of them. As they sing users can vote yes or no and if the total votes cross 80% ( a bar on the side of the screen, don’t ask me % of what, I don’t know) they are in !!
  2. It is quite a challenge to be able to vote for someone. Right before they start singing, you have to check in. That just seemed weird. I am checked into the app. Why should I check in before each guy sings. Even more annoying is that I need to do so in a time frame, if you miss it too bad. :|
  3. Finding where to vote was another challenge. The link in on a banner in.. wait for it… the carousel. (The horrors).
  4. Moving on. An educated, slightly intelligent user will see that whenever a guy is selected his vote % is 93. Whaaat. No reason just always 93%. Gives me the rigged feels.
  5. What was cool is that all CTA’s had a Hindi translation next to them to ensure that the regional audience can vote too. And that there is a live feed of photos of the users that are voting. I have never seen mine, but I am sure it makes the audience sitting at home feel special.

All in all makes me feel like technology can enable lots. And that what didn’t I think of this. Ciao.