Love is a sin…

Yes I live in India.

Our society is divided by various caste and sub caste. Falling in love with someone who is other than our caste is a mistake here.

Sometimes this mistake is turn into a big ego and the two people who love each other are killed. We rightfully call is as “HONOUR KILLING.”

This is done by parents itself. Sometimes I question really is it honour to kill your own child? Is it so that ego and society matters than the happiness of kids?

I guess society matters alot. Coming to society well this society is just ment to gossip and nothing more. But it is considered most significant than happiness of kids.

If you love someone other than same caste than love is a sin. It takes mere 2 secs to fall in love. But to be with that love who doesn’t belong to Same caste is a sin.

It is a choice which we have to make, to be with the one we love or to be with the parents who raised us.

If we be with our love we are considered to be inconsiderate and selfish, who forgot all the hardships of parents to raise us. This becomes otherwise if we choose our parents.

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