Woke up in the middle of the night!!! Duh I am analysing again what am I doing what I want to do, whether I am in right direction blah blah! Its not that, that I don’t know what I want in life.

I am an extremely materialistic person, like I want xyz bags, blah blah clothes, the show off kinds.

There is a continuous buzz in my head, this that, yes no, bing bang. Do I overthink stuff. Am I satisfied with my job, doing same shit everyday… yeah another IT person… Am I fine with my weight which is growing exponentially not because I have a medical condition but because food calms me at least while eating I don’t think. At 29, still WIP.

After lot of thinking, Hmmm I have to start doing some exercise, step by step improve my self. Learn a little everyday, cool so lets start tomorrow will wake up at 6:00 AM. Trying to put a alarm, and my eyes rolled up to time, already 3:30 AM (in my thinking language hindi) “Ghanta 6 baje uthungi”

F*** It!!!

I am happy, everything is going good in my life, the good old job, my huge wardrobe which is enough for me I can go on for more than a year without repeating(see show off), I am happy with my weight and I am not going to do anything with it, learn to be happy you cribber. Going back to sleep. Useless Bugger!!!

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