Grandparents, Gold and Love

Grandparents are the sweetest people on earth. If you live away from them, they become even more sweeter than before. Especially if you are a girl child. Well, in my case at least. When I was a small kid, my grandparents treated me as if I were a fragile doll. They still treat me like one, though. You get everything you want. Just say it and you get it. I never wanted to trouble them. I knew they were getting old and had their own problems and responsibilities so I never wanted to bother them. Today when I met them, I knew that it was tough for them to do anything and they have probably started counting their days but one said, ‘Don’t add days to life, add life to days’. I told them that they didn’t have to think even twice before asking for help. After all their kids earned for them and their kids. It is okay to ask for help. We will gladly provide them with anything and everything they ever required. It is more than our duty to help them. I literally had tears in my eyes thinking how old they were getting and they had tears in their eyes thinking when I grew so much. After all this, there’s always a thing that they give us without hesitation even if they don’t have enough for themselves, money. They give us money while we leave their place so we could remember them when we use their money and be grateful to them. This age is when adults become children again. And children become parents.