Dad.. You are awesome..!!

Today while watching a reality show, this was said by one of the contestant who got eliminated. She told she will never give up and there was a story behind that. Tears started rolling down my eyes after i heard that.

This is what she told

“She was injured while rehearsing for an act, and she told her choreographer that she wont be able to perform the act. By then she got a call that her dad was not doing well, She rushed to the hospital and when she met her dad and asked How r u paaapa? Dad jumped out of bed and replied I’m perfectly fine my dear. And she held his hands and told paapa my hands and your hands looks the same, you have become so weak. Dad replied yes we look the same, its just that you do a lot of hard work and i am lil sick, She performed, got eliminated and her words still remain in my heart. She asked people to pray for her dad, Which i would definitely do”. When i heard this first thing came in my mind was about you dad. And i found a reason to write a post about you ;-)

This is what my dad is

Just for his daughter’s sake dad’s are always ready to forget the pain, to see her successful, to see her dance, to see her smiling, to see her doing whatever she likes to do. To you i know i can always be kiddish, i can act immature. No matter how low you are, dad will always make me smile. When i was small you used to help me fix my cars and helicopters and now i help you deal with your phone & apps. To make me lead a luxurious life, i know you would not have taken care of your health. For my smile i know you would have sacrificed so many dreams of yours. You always believed in me. Thanks Dad :-)

This is what my dad has taught me

You have taught me to fall before i learn to run. You have taught me to be strong. You have taught me to fight. You have taught me to win. You have taught me to be happie. You have taught me to make decisions on my own. You have guided me when i have taken wrong decision and you have felt proud when i have made right decision. You have taught me to smile even at the hardest times. You told me what is meant to be mine will always be mine, i will have to just find the way. You taught me to face my failures. You taught me to celebrate my success. Thanks Dad :-)

This is what my dad has done.

You have tolerated my tantrums. You have laughed at my small jokes, you have tried the food i cook rather i could say the food i burn. You dance with me, We watch cricket, kabbadi together, We speak from Ramayan to Mahabharat, We discuss from Bi-cycles to all the hifi bikes and cars, We plan buying from mini cooper to helicopters and Aeroplanes. We listen to all music from kishore kumar songs to Jenifer Lopez. We comment on all the stuffs on TV from the cine plus to the crime news. We plan to build a simple to home from 2BHK to a big bungalow. We share the same likes and dislikes. This is all you make me feel home when i am with you. Thanks daddy :-)

This is what my dad is to me.

You know what, your Dad’s the best man you’ll ever meet and he’s always going to be your hero. For me Dad is always a person whom i can look up to, no matter how old i grow. And no matter how bad my life goes, i just need my dad to make it alright because i know how big or small the problem is, you will be there for me. And also i know “When you smile for me, world seems alright”. You are always my first love. And you know no one can love me more than you do. You are my greatest gift. With all these things with you i have learnt to laugh, to live and to love. Dad’s are the greatest creature’s on Earth. They can do anything for daughter’s happiness. I just want to let you know that you are my world . Thanks Dad :-) :-)

Thanks dad for being there for me whenever i need you from holding me high off the ground to the terrors of the night. Thanks for knowing me in my little world :-)

Love you dad..

…………………………………Your Princess………………………………….