If you can’t create the need, create curiosity!

On a regular day, we encounter a few sales pitches from telesales executives, direct selling executives or in simple words door to door salesmen and the quintessential marketer who is showing us what we don’t need and trying to convince us that our life would be incomplete without owning it.

More often than not, the entire exercise seems annoying, misplaced and an extremely random, shot in the dark. In spite of an existing multi Billion Dollar Marketing Industry, marketers rarely get this right. This may be just a part of the entire gambit but what I would really like to emphasize here is that if this exercise is done right, the conversions could be more in no. and the exercise itself could be effective.

1. Research- Simply the lack of enough research and not being done in the right direction makes every single marketing effort futile.

2. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes — would you really buy this? Why would you buy this? What is the need for you to buy it? Can you manage without buying it? If you do what is the value it can create for you? Can it be multiplied or magnified?

3. Can you create a fantasy for them? — Does your offer fulfill an aspiration? Can it trigger that Dopamine in them? If not, then just forget it! How would your customer like it presented to them?

4. Structure what you need to say — Every single sentence needs to be structured. The sequence of the words, patterns, the prerogative and the desired outcome. What you say needs to elicit the desired answers from your customers or make them open up to you. You have to let them state their level of interest and reveal their concerns to buy your proposition.

5. A dialogue is necessary — A proper dialogue is necessary in a presentation, irrespective of where it happens, over the phone or in person. You need to structure what you say and how you say it so that the dialogue happens, a little inclination and an alignment of thought falls into place. You should be able to figure out your customer’s thought process. It needs to make a person open up and let you take a glimpse of what he/she dreams about or aspires to have. This brings up, why, what, when and how between both the parties. At the end of the conversation that belief, sometimes a twinkle in the eye is the ideal way to close it.

Everybody wants something better than the best; Better than what is available or a solution to improve the current situation; like an up gradation. Most patterns are set, but you need to create a visual about breaking it or deviating from it to collect more value along the journey. Precisely, when you position what you have to offer you need to realize if this is a need or an aspiration. If this is sorted, your effort is materialized.

The points put forth are an excerpt of my personal journey in Sales & Marketing. It may not encapsulate the entire science, but it definitely has pointers that have worked for me. This is just an attempt to share it with readers on this platform. Any inputs or feedback is welcome!