Note to self on the oddity of life

An observation to share

Mar 31, 2014 · 1 min read

The essence of life and living has been expounded across numerous literature, religious scriptures and through ennobled wise men of yore.

The irony of life is the uncertainty – the limited shelf-life of consciousness we have been endowed with and the dissolution of identity as such.

The mortality of life can be a significant motivational factor in key life decisions – the trick is let fear not be a deterrent in making beautiful, true and clearer choices in life – the natural zest of human spirit is to be valued, restored and sent out to play every day; be confident and faithful in your own self that which is beyond ego even if you don’t recognise it immediately.

Conquering fear comes with practice, self-belief and confidence. The usefulness in practice of discipline through meaningful daily routines strengthens resolve, will and attitude, can’t be easily ignored. The key is to ignore like many of us successfully do, like not from a state of all knowing consciousness than a pure act of forgetfulness as we get lost on the activity of Maya. But one of the best ways to live is to play with life, devour it with full energy and joy – share generously your gifts with the world – it is surprising to note the positive effect on well-being.

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