Design Research From Interview to Insight: Part Two, Synthesising Insight
Matt Cooper-Wright

What you have written is just an awesome guide to design research. Very tangible articulation needing to embracing ambiguity, leading and letting others lead, differentiating finding and insight. Bravo!

One question: I wonder if you make a distinction between recommendation and insight. What I list as recommendations follow findings summary. It seems more explicit than what you have laid out as insight. I am interested in you take hence. For example,

Finding: ‘ user dreads the time it takes to run the solution given their busy schedule and put off the assessment (resulting in low usage of sass solution)

Based on more contextual verbatim. Here’s what I recommended:

1. setting expectations on the duration of the solution.

2. mechanism to roll back if need be.

3. Flexibility to run the solution in parts.

3. Access to immediate assistance if user gets stuck. Thx again Matt.

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