Little too early….

Don’t you think it is pretty early to be an adult for a 15 year old like me? The answer of majority will be ‘yes’.

Then why do I see people being habitual to love and affection or affiliating themselves to a person of opposite sex as their boyfriend/girlfriend. The only cause I can contemplate of this will be popularity within a group of amateur teens. This makes me often wonder my status or my name in front of them. Either I stand under the feet of their preposterous little popular group in school or I step one stair ahead of them in the elevation of maturity! Simply-I don’t know..

From this don’t interpret that I am not acknowledging the facts of science. I completely understand the hormonal changes that go through one’s body and renders the changes in our psychological thinking. But this doesn’t tie a cloth of falsification or fiction in our eyes ignoring the truth of reality.

To be honest this doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is the playing of ones feeling for his or her own good , seeking popularity, and this gambol of thinking in relationships doesn’t end with the celebration of farewell in school. It continues..until you meet someone, throwing you under the bus of heart break, guilt and shame.

The only thing I learned in the past 15 years is to not hurt anyone but puberty, teen life compels us to do that in a way that none of us can understand, and it is only in our hands to continue our journey either in the waters of stupidity or to come out on the beach of maturity and self awareness and wander, casting the impressions of knowledge on the sand and allowing the sea made of the droplets of amateur people to absorb it in!