Huge list of awesome product management resources in 2017

Vidit Saxena
Feb 11, 2017 · 13 min read

I love reading and learning about how to keep improving as a product manager. So many experienced PMs and founders out there have helped me understand some complex concepts that are not readily taught in any college or university. Things you just learn on the go. I feel indebted to all the useful information out there, which I keep re-visiting and through this blog post I want to consolidate all of it and share with any budding PMs or Founders, who are always on lookout to keep improving like I have over the years. I hope it helps.

— — When you want to practice for product management interviews?

— — When you find yourself lost in the convoluted web of decision making as a product Manager, watch the below video by Josh Elman. It sets me straight every time.

— — When you want to figure out key stakeholders for a product

— — Site you can use to estimate traffic volume for any site over time

— — How to test the market for any new idea

— — What to do before a product launch

— — Know when to kill your product/brand

— — When you want to remind yourself what LEAN is

— — When you want to challenge someone’s understanding of Agile

— — Where did Agile even come from?

— — What is the Agile Manifesto?

— — Principles behind Agile Manifesto

— — If you want to transition from Waterfall to Agile methodologies

— — A practical guide to Users needs,

— — How to anticipate user’s needs before they are needed

— — When you want to size the market

— — How to research your competitors

Note: You can use Google to your advantage too. See below.

— — What should your product do better?

— — When you want to know if your competitor got funding

— — How to know if competitors built a new feature

— — Customer Development Framework

— — On designing and running experiments to validate ideas — Idea of an MVP

— — Conceptualizing the solution

— — About Metrics

— — Nitty Gritty of building the right product

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I love the 7 part series below by Fast Company. If you have time check it out-

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— — How to work with Stakeholders

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