Lead, Launch or Click-through page?

Night before, I realized I ought to figure out the logistics of where I want people clicking my Google Adwords Ad to arrive at because If I do not do it right I may be paying Google free money- feels funny to say ‘free money’, but it makes sense in this context. PPC(Pay per click) campaigns can be highly successful but also expensive if not optimized right — for the simple reason that you are paying per click on the ad and not for anyone actually buying your product or service.

Keeping this in mind and having learnt from my previous mistakes, this time I ensured I put in as much time as needed to understand how ads work, especially Adwords. This becomes even more necessary if I am to apply lean ways to build my startup. Purpose is not to just get emails or get paid but to learn customer behavior as well.

So first of all what is a landing page?

It’s a page users come to after they click on an online advertisement. It is a

1. Launch Page — If the company has not launched yet and it is collecting user info by just saying it is “launching soon”. Some companies may also want to pre-sell here by describing the product. But bottom line- company is not live yet.

2. Lead Page — If the company just wants to collect leads in form of emails mostly, so it can market its products/services through emails later on via email campaigns

3. Click-through Page — User clicks on an online ad somewhere and lands on this page. Aim is to have enough information on this page to convince user to take a considerable action like buy a product, fill a survey etc.

There is an approach to creating the above pages that is proven and every approach can differ based on the intent. Here is an excellent link by Unbounce to know more.

So in my case, first I created a lead page, but then I realized I do not just want to collect emails. But then I thought why not just sell the service right away and see the response through a click-through page.

So I am back at changing my lead page again to make it more elaborate for users to make a decision easily and that is what I have been doing for last day and half — making my landing page informational enough or making it look legit by showing a value proposition in a headline, benefits of the service, trust factors by showing some testimonials and mentions by other websites.

Now my plan is to test the website for any usability issues and then start sending adwords traffic over. Depending on response, I may have to change the ad or the landing page or my strategy — could take time but I will really be setting a good foundation by learning about potential customers, I believe.

For the record, Google Adwords needs to do a better job with the UI of creating an ad. It is plain terrible.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right. ”
— Henry Ford
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