VidMate 3.35 APK 2018 Latest version for Android

VidMate 3.35 APK is the last version published by the official developers of this app to download videos from Android. Download VidMate 3.35 us provides access to download any audio or video content on platforms like Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and many others. In short, we will support most of major platforms in conjunction with useful tools to download the desired content.

VidMate 3.35 APK 2018 Latest version for Android

VidMate 3.35 APK incorporates a proprietary browser that allows you to access all of these platforms, making easy the process of finding the content. Thanks to this browser can avoid the cumbersome process of be copying and pasting URLs of videos or songs on a web application that you download one by one. Once you choose the video you want to download just press the download button that VidMate included in the bottom-right arrow red.

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Once you have selected the video and pressed the button of download, VidMate 2018 will be offered to choose between the different resolutions and formats that we have available. Each format and resolution will be accompanied by the final weight that will have the video, so that will be easy to choose which is the best option for us. Of course you can choose to download only the audio of a particular video to be able to use it as if it were a song once downloaded.

VidMate has many options created to provide you with a wealth of content beyond just videos. In this application you can find tv series, movies, apps, games and other content, although not with the same effectiveness in any of these fields.

How to download VidMate 3.35 APK for Android for free?
VidMate is impossible to find in platforms more famous as Google Play or the App Store. Therefore, it is necessary to have access to your APK file directly from its official developer. the link that we offer you is a mirror on Mediafire of the original version published by VidMate Studio

VidMate 3.35 APK (2018)
This is the last version available of this year, which almost certainly will be the first version that we have in 2018. Is available from Android 2.3 and weighs only 6.78 MB. I leave also a link to the latest version, one of the applications that you could choose from over VidMate.

Download VidMate 3.35 APK 2018 Latest version for Android

How to install VidMate Android?
The installation process of VidMate is very simple and it is identical to any other installation of APK file that you’ve made:

Download the APK file which you offer just above. Go in the settings of your Android and give permissions to applications of unknown provenance.
Open the APK file and follow the installation process.

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