VidMate APK 3.36 Latest version for Android

Vidmate APK 3.36 is the latest version available of one of the most famous to download videos on your Android. To download Vidmate APK you’ll be able to access the download of multimedia content that you find on platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram and many others. It is, along with Snaptube, one of the more comprehensive applications in terms of video downloads are concerned.

VidMate APK 3.36 Latest version for Android

While other apps like TubeMate Free only offer the download of Youtube videos, VidMate APK offers support for many more web platforms, making them in options more complete. As with other apps of this type, you’ll be able to choose different formats and resolutions for downloading the various videos, even allowing you to create files .mp3 from a video (as also usual).

Download video with VidMate APK 3.36 it is really simple, since it is designed specifically for it. By having a proprietary browser for each of the platforms such as Youtube or Facebook, you will only have to browse for the content you want to download. Once you are in the video or content in question, you’ll only need to press the download button included in the browser. You select the options of format and resolution that is better for you to come and begin the download. As simple as that.

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To support websites such as Instagram, Vidmate goes even a bit further than the others, offering you to download for example the different stories you see on Instagram. The same happens with the videos that you can find out by Facebook or music from Soundcloud. With Vidmate on your Android I very much doubt that you need it another application dedicated to the video downloads.

Download VidMate APK 3.36 APK for Android
The offer to download a myriad of videos with copyright rights, you will be unable to download Vidmate Google Play. As much you’ll find a copy and gives thanks to if, for some casual work. Therefore, the only option to have Vidmate on your Android is to download the APK file and install it on your own.

VidMate 3.36 APK
This is the version published on 19 January 2018, and is available for terminals that have Android 3.0 or higher. Weighing only 7MB.

Source : Vidmate Free

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