Life is a setup !

Each and everyone of us has thought about the reason for our existence. Why did we land on this earth? What is the purpose of our life?. After a while, we all had given up about this thought because we have no clue what’s happening around us!!. But let me tell you guys, that this entire life is a trap. We are stuck in some kind of stage show setup by someone. And we all are playing our respective roles really well.

Ever wondered why you face so many problems in your life?. Because without problems there wouldn’t be anything to solve and that would make the so called life very dull. Even you would get bored when you don't face any problems in your life. That is how life is designed. You unknowingly want problems in your life. Without problems life would really suck!. Trust me.

Now you see how life works?. The so called God has setup as stage for you to play your role. That stage is earth obviously. That’s why you cant find any trace of existence else where. He has written a brilliant plot for all of us. We enter the stage(birth) and all play our part excellently and once our role is over, we leave the stage(death). The plot is well crafted with everything like romance, action, crime,comedy etc. So that the actors are really involved in the show. The problems put forward in our life by the director(God) keeps us going. And he himself have found the solution too. How else do you think you solve your problems?. Its all a part of the plot dude!.

To get a clearer idea. you can think of yourselves as Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. If you have not watched the movie. Just watch it, Its a nice one. And don’t get confused with drama that you play in your real life. Its like a drama within a drama, just like in Inception.

So I hope you get it. Its all a setup!

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