Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

1. Evolution of shravana is seva. Because doing seva without shravan will lead to sattvic ego. By listening to the right knowledge, we know the right purpose, and doing seva with the right purpose leads to purity.

2. The 3 strings indicate — thoughts, words and action and the knot is the brahma granthi.

3. We can appreciate our parents by being grateful, by listening to them, by doing seva to them.

4. Steps to invoke joy -

Prioritize — Giving priority to self development is the first step towards invoking Joy

Purify — If we love joy, we will love responsibilities. So carry out our responsibilities (nitya karma)

Associate — Attend satsang

Learn — Do self study — read and reflect

Steps to evoke joy —

Integrate — by living and having an integrated personality, we are expressing what we learnt and this evokes joy around us.

Appreciate — appreciating everything and everyone around us means we are truly seeing Bhagawan everywhere

Internalize — the more we internalize the teachings, we start living the right way and we spread love and joy

5. 3 ways to sublimate jealosy — 1. Don’t compare, 2. do actions with inspiration, 3. understand that it is the same consciousness that is enlivening the other person, and know that we should identify with the enlivener and not the upadhis.

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