ShoppRe — One Stop-Solution for Shopping and International Shipping from India

All in all, are you hoping to ship your stuff from India to your doorstep at abroad, but could not find a fast, affordable and a reliable source? Stress not. Your pursuit ends here.

Jul 5 · 6 min read

ShoppRe is here with a mission of reconnecting the NRIs/ PIOs living abroad back with India and it’s diverse cultures, traditions, and values, etc. by making available all the Indian online products at a very reliable price at their doorstep.

Gone are the days when you had to spend your hard-earned money on the very limited Indian products accessible at your place in abroad.
Now, get them from your preferred Indian Online stores and get it shipped to your doorstep without compromising on the time, money, quality, etc., with ShoppRe!

Are you wondering what it is all about? Yo! It’s ShoppRe! One of the best International Package Forwarding and Courier service company from India.

This blog gives you an insight into the ShoppRe working process and guides you with an optimum solution for all the queries that flashes out through your mind.

What does ShoppRe do?

They are a group of people trying to make International Shipping from India a more cost-effective, time-efficient and hassle-free process and help them reconnect with India and its diverse art forms, cultures, customs, traditions, values, etc.,

How do they manage to do? provides a FREE Virtual Indian Shipping Address to Indians living abroad to shop from various Indian online portals like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, etc. They also provide you with a 20 days free locker facility within which, you can buy as many items and once all the items arrive at their facility, they consolidate, repack and ship it to your doorstep after receiving a ship request from you.

What does ShoppRe provide you with?

- Storage/Warehousing Facility (you no longer have to maintain a separate Warehouse. They will be the hub for you in India)

- Inventory Management

- Cumbersome Export Paperwork and Compliance

- International Shipping

Finding it difficult to sign up with ShoppRe?

Have a glance at it👉Sign Up for Free

ShoppRe | Sign-Up Page | Image Src:

Sign up for free using your email id/Facebook/Google account and get exciting discounts on your first shipment with ShoppRe!

After signing up, you will be directed to the dashboard of yours.

What does your dashboard contain?

  • Locker number.
  • Your virtual address.
  • Registered mobile number.
  • Email Id.
  • Amount in your ShoppRe wallet.
  • Details of the packages in the locker.
  • Details of the packages which are ready to ship.
  • Details of the packages which has been delivered.

The navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen gives you complete information about your package.

Wanna see how your dashboard look like?

Have a look at this👇

Your ShoppRe Dashboard | Image Src:

Well, this pretty much about how you sign up!

Now, the question is What all services can you use through ShoppRe?’

ShoppRe also provides an assisted purchase service known as PERSONAL SHOPPER

Well, if you are overseas and wish to shop from India, you will have to go through so many hassles of International Debit/Credit Cards not being accepted or unable to place an order because of not having Indian credentials (Indian Phone Number for OTP / Indian Billing Address / Blocking of Your Country IP Address).

This is where Personal Shopper comes in to play!

How does Personal Shopper (Assisted Purchase) help?

You can use the personal shopper service in 2 different ways.

They’ll Pay For You(Self Purchase): You can place the order on your own and get it delivered to ShoppRe, and when it reaches their facility, they make the payment on behalf of you and ship the product to your doorstep after consolidating if there are any.

They’ll Shop For You(Assisted Purchase): If you are unable to place an order, then all you have to do is, just fill in the details required regarding the product which you intend to buy and they will make the purchase on behalf of you and ship it to your doorstep once the product reaches their facility.

ShoppRe — Personal Shopper Dashboard | Image Src:

All you have to do is,

1. Select the Service (Self Purchase or Assisted Purchase) you wish to avail from ShoppRe.

2. Add to Cart: Fill all the details regarding the product such as product URL, Quantity, Product Name, Size, Color, Price, etc.,

For a better understating of the process on placing a personal shopper order, follow the below steps:

a) Visit any of the Indian Online Stores (Example:

b) Copy the URL of a product which you wish to purchase (Refer the image below)

Image Src:

c) Paste the product URL & fill necessary details. Click on SAVE & NEXT button to proceed further

ShoppRe Parcel — Personal Shopper Dashboard | Image Src:

3. Additional Options: Fill in the additional details such as sales tax charged by the seller (would be stated in the website), delivery charges they charge, and your willingness to pay more if the product cost goes up.

ShoppRe Parcel — Personal Shopper Dashboard | Image Src:

4. Summary: You can see the summary of your purchase which includes the cost of the product, personal shopper fee and other shipping/tax charges etc., if applicable and make the payment online to ShoppRe.

ShoppRe Parcel — Personal Shopper Dashboard | Image Src:

5. ShoppRe Pay: You can make the payment by using any of the following modes:

i) Razor Pay(3% extra payment gateway charges) ,

ii) Paypal(10% extra payment gateway charges),

iii) Wire Transfer/Money Order,

iv) Debit/Credit cards(2.5% extra payment gateway charges).

ShoppRe Pay Dashboard | Image Src:

You might think, ‘What if you have the product ready with you? Do ShoppRe ship it?’

Absolutely yes. You just have to schedule your pickup by filling the form and once they receive a request from your end, they confirm all the information provided by you and arrange a pickup.

The other common question is ‘what if there is any liquid/semi-liquid item in the package? Do they take care of it?’

Don’t worry, even I had a similar doubt while making my first shipment with ShoppRe. All the liquid/semi-liquid items will be considered as special items by ShoppRe and would ensure that it is shipped without any leakage/damage.

Are there any other shipping related queries?

Feel free to contact: +91 8040 944077

WhatsApp: +91 8277919191


Just to give you an insight into the company:

🌐 Website:

👂 What people say: Google Reviews

📺 TV Commercial:

🏁 A launch in UAE with Padma Shri Priyamani as Brand Ambassador: Khaleej Times Newspaper, PR Newswire

- Featured in the top 3 startups at IIM Bangalore in collaboration with Goldman Sachs: @iimbofficial

Priyamani at Dubai, UAE | Grand Launch ShoppRe | Image Src:
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