How to Crack IBPS Interview: Tips from Bank Clerk Coaching

When you are about to appear for an IBPS interview, you should be ready to face a rigorous selection procedure. Due to a much higher level of competition, the IBPS interview procedure proves to be more rigorous than that associated with any other job. Bank Clerk Coaching is now widely available across India and is being availed of by hopefuls. Various institutes have taken to predicting sure-shot questions for the ultimate interview.

Some areas, which you must focus on beforehand because the interviewers are sure to touch upon them, have been listed below:

Personal Background

The panel will most likely start off by asking basic details about yourself and your family background. Make sure to talk about certain achievements and skills possessed by you to win brownie points.

Curriculum Vitae

Know your resume inside out. Do not go with a CV that hasn’t been updated. This official document lists your qualifications, educational & extra-curricular activities and past work experience. So, you should essentially remember what’s on it.

Banking Awareness

Another thing to prepare for is questions relating to the terminology and processes used by banks. This shouldn’t be difficult as you would’ve studied them at your Bank Coaching Centre while preparing for the entrance exams. Alongside that, it is absolutely necessary to be up-to-date on current affairs in the banking sector. Knowing the repo and reverse repo rates, new bank policies and even general economics is recommended.

Organisational Knowledge

Another favourite of panellists everywhere is the question — Why do you want to work with us? A little research about the bank (in question), its organisational goals, achievements, managers, history, etc. will help you frame the ideal answer to woo your audience. Remember, you’ll get all the information you need on the bank’s website.

Personal Aspirations

This one is also a given. Be prepared for questions like the following to be flung your way –

· What are your strengths/weaknesses?

· Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

· What according to you is your biggest achievement?

· Why should we hire you?

· What is it about the banking sector that attracts you?

Puzzle Type Questions

Though uncommonly asked, the interviewers may throw a googly by asking riddles. That’s because they want to judge the candidate on his common sense, ability to come up with solutions and to check if he is always on his toes.

Given above are the primary questions that are usually asked by panellists in Bank Clerk interviews. Top coaching centres guide aspirants on how to effectively answer them.

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