IBPS PO Guidelines you Need to be Aware of

Nowadays, a large number of aspirants are vying for limited employment opportunities that exist in public sector banking. They put in a lot of effort to prepare for these crucial exams conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) in hope of a bright future. After putting in so much effort, sometimes candidates are barred from appearing in the exam because of simple oversights of the guidelines that have been laid down.

Most Bank PO Coaching Institutes make students aware of the integral guidelines to be followed during the esteemed examination. These are as follows –

General Guidelines

The guidelines to be respected by all candidates appearing for the IBPS examinations conducted in the fourth quarter of each year are –

· Communication devices like cell phones, tablets, pagers, etc. are not allowed inside the premises of the institution where the examination is being held.

· Calculators, whether scientific or otherwise are prohibited. Candidates are disallowed from using or possessing them.

· If candidates are found carrying any banned device — be it a calculator or mobile phone, their candidature will be cancelled and additionally they will be subject to disciplinary action, which may result in a future ban from IBPS examinations.

Special Guidelines for Persons with Locomotor Disability and Cerebral Palsy or Visual Impairment (minimum 40% affected)

These guidelines only apply to candidates who suffer from the aforementioned disabilities or illnesses. The visually impaired applicants as described above should not be using a scribe to avail these benefits.

· Compensatory time to the extent of 20 minutes per hour or such other figure as applicable is provided to them.

· Candidates with cerebral palsy or locomotor disability should be suffering from severe slow writing problems.

· Visually impaired students can view the test contents in magnified font.

Special Guidelines for Persons with Disability and Using a Scribe

Candidates who are visually impaired or suffer from permanent slow writing speed for any reason, are eligible to use the assistance of scribes. The candidates should inform the IBPS of their wish to use assistance while filling the online application itself, if subsequently the candidate wishes to avail the facility; the request may fall on deaf ears. The below mentioned laws apply in all such cases –

· The scribes are to be arranged as well as paid by the candidates themselves. However, no two candidates can share a scribe.

· The scribe can be a student belonging to any academic stream, but not a candidate of the same examination.

· An undertaking in the prescribed form has to be filled by both the candidate as well as the scribe, to confirm the adherence to all rules and eligibility criteria, as seen above.

· Candidates who take the assistance of scribes shall be provided with extra time of 20 minutes per hour or any such compensatory time as prescribed by IBPS. However, the candidates should be registered for extra time, without which the exam centre cannot provide it.

· If however, during the exam or after its conclusion, it comes to the notice of the examiners that the undertaking was false or any material fact had been suppressed by either party, the candidate’s application stands cancelled notwithstanding the result of the common written examination. If the scribe is also an applicant, her/his candidature will stand cancelled too.

In order to avoid throwing away the hard work that goes into preparing for the examinations, applicants must be aware of the rules and regulations set by the IBPS. Approach your Bank Clerk Coaching institute, if you have any doubt about them.