Which is a Better Career Choice SSC CGL or IBPS PO

Besides the common interest of working with the Indian Government, choosing to apply via the Staff Selection Commission or the IBPS is a personal decision candidates need to take depending on the professional life that attracts them. Here is a basic comparison between the job opportunities offered by both these routes, which will allow you to take an informed judgment–

· Salary

This is an important criterion to consider when taking any career decision. Barring the lowest level jobs offered by SSC CGL, both these routes open doors to handsome incomes. As of December 2014, the salaries of Bank PO candidates were made equal to the salaries offered by the Central Government to its Group A officers.

· Posting and Transfers

Knowing the options you have as regards your posting or potential transfer is also an important factor in taking a decision between the two options. In case of banking jobs, candidates are expected to mandatorily work in rural areas for about 1 year before they are posted back to their home town. Moreover, getting posted back to your hometown can happen only when the bank you work with comes with a decent number of branches in that town or city. In case of SSC, it is rather challenging to be posted in the town of your choice. However, if you are hired as an “Assistant” you may be able to get a permanent job in New Delhi.

· Social Status

From a purely social perspective, many candidates prefer being known as Income Tax Inspectors or Anti Narcotics Inspectors than Clerks or Officers for Punjab & Sind Bank. If you are lucky enough to get recruited for one of the top SSC jobs, you will be able to enjoy a higher social status than the one that comes with working in a bank. That said, it is challenging to get posted in one of these positions. After years of working through the SSC, you will be able to become a Gazetted officer. Also, if you are an Assistant with the Ministry of External Affairs, you will be able to work for the Government Abroad after 5 years of service.

· The Exam

Depending on your preparation and how seriously you take your SSC or bank PO coaching, both the exams can prove to be equally challenging or easy for you. The more you make of your SSC or bank exam coaching and the more dedicated you are during the preparation stage, the easier it will be for you to qualify for the further stages.

Finally, it is important to note that unless you are able to bag a top SSC post such as that of an Examiner your promotions will be rather slow. In contrast to this, as a banker with any of the public sector banks, your promotions can be impressively fast. Within 6–7 years, one can become a Manager in the banking sector. Moreover, it is easy for candidates to move from a Government bank to a private bank. However, shifting central government jobs isn’t that easy since you have to take exams again for that specific opening.

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