1 Minute for “Raving Fans”

While everyone is working, reading or learning our focus is always on selling. We were born to sell. Selling our skills, selling our talent or selling our time for entertainment. And when it comes to selling we know the cynosure of selling: Customer. But rarely do we put enough focus on this aspect/key-feature of selling. This is demystified by Ken Blanchard in his book “Raving Fans”

Below are the three key points that Ken talks on making a great sell:

  1. Decide what you want.

2. Discover what the customer wants.

3. Deliver plus one.

Last but not least, remember to differentiate yourself from your competition while trying to solve your customer’s problem. Meet your customer focused tasks first and then think about exceeding them.

I absolutely loved it. What do you think about this book? Do let me know!!