1 Minute for “The Parable of the Pipeline”

Do you know that there are two ways to climb a tree? One is to plant a seed, sit on it and wait. The other is to climb it. This is the sole and whole gist of this book written by Burke Hedges. The book talks about how you can use pipelines to become a millionaire.

The Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges

There are three points that the author wants to convey to us:

1. The problem nobody observes is THE PAYCHECK STOPS, WHEN YOU STOP SELLING TIME

2. You can leverage time and money to become a millionaire

3. Rich people leverage money and average people leverage time

I liked this book. It opened my eyes on one side of the coin on “Wealth Generation”. It’s amazing how I didn’t think about this earlier. Now that I’ve seen the theory, I’m looking for a practical solution to this.

BTW: I’m not endorsing MLMs, e-commerces etc.